Computer Science



The loss of data can be due to various reasons such as hard drive failure, damage or its corruption, accidentally deleting the wrong files and also formatting gone wrong. However, this process is reversible through data recovery. In most extreme cases such as that of a hard drive recovered from plane crash, data recovery is more complicated than when the information is lost through a simple power outage. Data recovery is process of information retrieval .It basically means trying to salvage the information that has been lost by all means.



The process of successfully recovering data from a hard drive or a computer can be in 2 categories i.e. logical damage and mechanical damage. These two categories are named after the type of damaged that has occurred on the data.

Logical recovery of data- This is whereby the software has been damaged and the data is not readable. The software refers to the file system or the partition table. The logical data damage is usually caused by: an error by the user i.e. through deletion or accidentally formatting the data, the corruption in the operation system, power loss occurring suddenly, viruses, updates in the operating system especially those done automatically, malware and mechanical failure. Data rescue is the best for logical data recovery.

Physical data recovery -It is also known as mechanical data recovery. It is mostly performed when there is an electronic failure or internally damaged hardware. The symptoms include: clicking noise, beeping noise, buzzing noise, dead hard drive, hard drive not detected or recognized, no power to the hard drive, a slow computer and scraping noises. It is usually due to the machine or device falling, improper storage or handling of the machine, damaged hard drive from the manufacturer, power surges, liquid damage, fire damage and inadequate or poor ventilation in a room. In physical data recovery it is necessary to repair the drive so that information can be recovered from it.



The technique used in the data recovery depends on how the data was lost for example through file deletion or file corruption. It should be noted that if the hard drive has been physically damage the process of data recovery is complicated and requires a professional specialist. Although the process may prove to be costly at times , it is worth it and the best results are delivered at the end.